Monkstrap Shoes

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Synonymous with sartorial refinement, designer men's monkstraps remain one of the most reliable staples, truly embodying and exhibiting the menswear zeitgeist. Monkstraps often even function as a synecdoche for formal men's footwear as a whole. Classic single-strap options in buffed and burnished leather sharpen cultivated casual looks, while distressed fabrics offer a perfect worn-in effect. Offering such an immediately recognizable silhouette ensures that considered outfits will be consistently memorable. Updated double-strap varieties are worth showcasing with cropped tailoring. Carved and engraved buckles as well as signature hardware create highly covetable footwear. Master craftsmanship is apparent in the minutiae of the shoe. Designer monkstraps are irrefutably stylish and will elevate any modern men's wardrobe.